Visual Art / Art, Craft & Design

Visual Art at Junior Cycle (Commencing 2017/18)

Visual Art at junior cycle aims to provide the student with a set of personal attitudes and qualities as well as skills and processes and a sense of the aesthetic.

Through practical engagement in the areas of art, craft and design students will develop selfconfidence, inquisitiveness, imagination, and creativity. They will also develop authentic, realworld problem-solving capacities and the capacity to work over time, as an individual and in groups, on the design and execution of artistic and aesthetic tasks.

Within the safe space of the art class, students will experience the authentic visual art processes of imagining, investigating, experimenting, making, displaying and evaluating. They will sometimes fail, and learn that failure can often be a hugely positive learning experience. Students will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to produce and to engage with authentic and original art, craft and design work. In so doing, they will begin to develop the visual literacy, critical skills and language necessary to engage with contemporary culture. This will further contribute to the students’ understanding of the rich and diverse roles of art, craft and design in historical and contemporary societies and cultures.


Junior Cycle Visual Art encourages students to:

Develop self-confidence, inquisitiveness, imagination and creativity

● Explore and develop their own ideas and to find personal expression through art, craft and design

● Use, research and experiment with a variety of traditional, contemporary, digital or new media

● Expand their knowledge and understanding of a range of Visual Art processes, skills and techniques

● Develop the visual literacy, critical skills and language necessary to engage with contemporary culture

● Look at, respond to and evaluate their own artwork and the artwork of others

● Engage with authentic, real-world problem solving scenarios

● Develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to realise authentic artwork

Assessment Guidelines for Visual Art

Junior Cycle Visual Art Information Leaflet

Specification for Junior Cycle Art


Art, Craft & Design (Concluding 2018/19)

The syllabus, for first, second and third year students in post primary education, aims to develop the expressive, communicative and functional modes of art, craft and design in the individual within the art class with drawing as the central activity.

This syllabus is assessed at the end of third year at two levels, Ordinary and Higher. The quantity and quality of work produced determine the differences between the two levels.

Art, Craft & Design Syllabus 

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