Home Economics

What will I learn in Home Economics?

Some of the things you will learn about are:

  • your body – what is good to eat and how to keep healthy
  • food – how it nourishes your body, how to choose it, store it, and how to prepare and cook it
  • using money – how to spend it wisely, how to save it, and how you are protected as a consumer
  • your home – about design in the home, about safety and hygiene
  • design and craftwork, child development, textiles – you will carry out a project in one of these areas.

What is the Home Economics Junior Certificate exam like?

In Junior Certificate Home Economics you will be examined in three ways:

  • coursework – with help of your teacher, you will choose a project from one of the following areas: Child Development, Design and Craftwork or Textiles Skills
  • a practical cookery exam – you will have a one and a half hour practical cookery exam which involves preparing and cooking food
  • a written examination – you will also have a written exam, which you can take at Higher or Ordinary level.

Home Economics Cookery

The Junior certificate examination involves a culinary skills assessment. This examination is held in school where an external examiner visits the school and assesses students skills.  Students are aware of their tasks at least two weeks before the examination.  It accounts for 50% of the higher level overall grade and 60% of the ordinary level.

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